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What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality, often abbreviated "VR" for "Virtual Reality", is a computer technology that gives its user the illusion of being in another world. With a server and a virtual reality headset that transmits an artificial image in real time, the person wearing the headset can move and interact with the virtual environment in which they find themselves.

VR and COVID-19?

We have many things in place to ensure a safe environment for our customers and staff.

Our centers have the necessary authorizations from the competent FPS and other more local authorities.

If you would like more details, here is a list of what we are currently doing:
– posters of prevention and hygiene measures are displayed at the entrance and in the center;
– the operators, accompanying the activity, are briefed and provided with a mask;
– operators disinfect their hands before and after disinfection of equipment between 2 groups of customers;
– equipment is disinfected between each group of customers with sterilized equipment (gels, wipes, UV-C disinfection equipment, etc.);
– each customer will receive a disposable protective mask to put on in addition to their own mask;
– reusable masks are on sale in case customers do not have theirs;
– hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers as well as single-use paper towels are available for customers and staff;
– cards are preferred to pay for the activity, and the keyboard is systematically disinfected if it is used;
– activities are accessible only by reservation, for which a group leader will provide their contact details (last name, first name, telephone number and email address;
– each group will be placed in one or more rooms of 4;
– each room is separate, and can accommodate a maximum of 4 people “from the same bubble” (we have no means of control on this and rely on the good faith of our customers);
– no “spectators” or public will be admitted; only direct participants in the activity will be able to enter the center;
– unused rooms are ventilated;
– customers from different bubbles do not have direct contact with each other;
– the flow of customers is managed (entrance door closed and in the open air);
– a direction of visit is clearly indicated (marking on the ground of distances and directions)

It seems that virtual reality makes you sick, is that true?

Not necessarily ! At The VEX, we largely select experiences that cannot impact the well-being of our customers. The feeling of seasickness or transport only arises when moving virtually without physically moving (eg: a roller coaster experience). This kind of activity represents less than 10% of The VEX catalog. The most sensitive activities will always be brought to your attention by our operators, if applicable.

What technology can we try out at The VEX?

At The VEX, we use different state-of-the-art virtual reality headset technologies. Marketing some of our attractions under the name “VEX Solutions”, our teams monitor and test advances in this area on a day-to-day basis in order to offer high-end quality.

Do you have to be a connoisseur of video games to come to The VEX?

Not at all! Our activities are accessible to anyone wishing to test VR! They are divided into different categories ranging from initiation to more complex activities, to guide your choice.

From what age can we go to The VEX?

The minimum recommended age is 8 years old. Why? Quite simply because the headset may not adapt to the heads of the little ones and the complexity of the experiences requires a certain dexterity with the joysticks that the youngest do not necessarily have. Children below this age are always welcome, but they may not fully enjoy their experience.

Please refer to attraction descriptions as age restrictions may vary.

Can I let my children play The VEX on their own?

Children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible person. Minors over 12 years old can come alone but are under the full responsibility of their parents for the duration of the activity.

Do I have to book before coming?

Yes ! We cannot guarantee the availability of our rooms to people arriving without reservation. You can book via the site, where you will have an overview of available slots, or by telephone by contacting the center of your choice.

Should I arrive in advance?

It's always better! We recommend arriving 5 minutes in advance. We cannot guarantee full play time for late arrivals. This will also allow you to consult our catalog for yourself in order to get an idea of the game (s) you will be making and thus save time for explanations.

I wear glasses, do I have to take them off during the activity?

Not especially. The headsets are designed to accept a large majority of glasses. However, some larger templates do not always fit. Some people also prefer comfort over usefulness and take them away. We, therefore, recommend wearing contact lenses when possible.

Do you have gift cards to The VEX?

Yes, you can buy a card for a very specific experience or, if you are unsure, you can put the amount of your choice and we will deduct it during the activity. The cards are available in our centers. If you are unable to travel there, please contact us by email or telephone.

My gift card has expired, can I still use it?

Unfortunately, once your card expires, it is no longer accepted. However, it is always possible for you, BEFORE the expiry date, to extend the validity of your gift card by 6 months, for the sum of €10.

How is the time divided if we play with several people?

It's up to you. Your room is reserved for a specific time. During this allotted time, you manage your activity as you wish.

My group is larger than what you recommend, what should I do?

Our recommendations are just… recommendations! 😉 If you exceed the recommended limit, you may just feel like “too little”. It is therefore advisable to extend the playing time and / or to reserve a second room.

Can we bring food / drink to the VEX?

We do not allow visitors to bring their own food / drink. On site, you will find something to nibble on and refresh yourself at democratic prices.

What payment methods are available at The VEX?

We accept payment in cash, by bank card and by credit card.

Is it possible to have an invoice for my activity?

Yes, we'll just need your billing information and can write it up for you.

Are people with disabilities suitable to participate in The VEX experience?

If the headset can be held over their head, anyone can enjoy VR at The VEX. Depending on the difficulty of moving, some of the proposed experiences will however be restricted.

Is it safe for pregnant people to participate in the activity?

No problem ladies! You are fit and it will not be a problem for you or your baby. If standing up tires you quickly, we can even put a chair at your disposal on some experiments that are not in total free movement so that you can play sitting down.
The people who participate in your activity will just have to be even more vigilant and respect their playing area. Rest assured, the rooms are privatized.

Can people with epilepsy participate in the activity safely?

Generally speaking, if the person shows signs of epilepsy while playing "classic" video games, these problems will also appear with us. Keep in mind that these are two screens located 1.5 cm from the eyes, which can increase the risks. Also note that the majority of our games are played standing up, which can make the damage worse in a crisis. If people with epilepsy come to play and a seizure occurs, we cannot be held responsible for the damage, both physical and material.

Can people with monophthalmos benefit from the activity?

The vision you will have in virtual reality will be similar to the one you have on a daily basis.

Are claustrophobic people safe to participate in the activity?

People prone to claustrophobia can practice virtual reality but will have to avoid certain experiences in which the virtual universe is restricted (eg escape game, labyrinth, etc.). If a seizure occurs, it is sufficient to remove the helmet, which takes at most 5 seconds.

Are pets allowed at The VEX?

To ensure that your experience and that of others run smoothly, we do not accept pets in our compound.

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