VEX Arena is the 3.0 virtual reality experience for everyone! Dive deep into the action in exciting virtual jousting, all in free-roaming. Explore virtual environments of up to 2500 m² with or against your friends!

Armed with your blasters, compete against other players in multiple game modes to become the champion of the arena. Accumulate points and start climbing the ranks to be the best VEX Arena player in the world !

Invaded by hordes of zombies, gather your party to survive the zombie apocalypse in Death Squad. Kill zombies, get money, unlock new areas and upgrade your arsenal in an action-packed experience you won’t forget !

In Kitchenpanic!, you will have to collaborate to prepare the orders of the demanding customers while respecting the deadlines and the instructions of the chef. But beware, the stress mounts quickly and mistakes are not allowed!

30-60 minutes *
3 to 10 players *
Min. 8 years old

* Duration and number of participants vary depending on your The VEX center, please see your center's booking page for more information



Battle against your opponents, rise through the ranks, and become the champion of the arena.

In this game, it’s everyone for themselves, explore the map and always have an eye on your back if you want to stay at the top of the leaderboard.


Ditch your blasters to equip your bow and arrows ! Look around, find your target and aim to assert your dominance on the arena.

This tactical game mode will put your aim and skills to the test. You better be quick if you want to become the champion of the arena.


Choose your skin, form a team, and capture objectives around the map. The longer you hold an objective the more points you’ll accumulate.

Choose between bows or blasters and be the best team when time runs out. Communication and mutual aid will be your two greatest allies if you want to take victory!


The storm is closing in on you. Stay inside the eye of the storm if you want to stay alive ! Be careful because in this game mode it’s everyone for themselves. May the best win!

Be the last one standing to win rounds. If you die, fight your way through the ghost realm to save your honor !



Are you ready to face a zombie apocalypse head on ? The General Speakman needs you ASAP! Answer his call and protect the designated area until the arrival of the extraction team.

Earn money by killing zombies. Use it to unlock brand-new areas with better weapons and supplies. You’re feeling lucky? Roll the dice at the magic box and maybe you’ll receive the best weapon available!


This is it ! You’ve been tasked to protect an area but nobody is coming to save you. Stay alive and survive as long as you can!

In Survival, make sure your whole squad doesn’t die or it’s GAME OVER ! Unlock new areas and buy better gear if you want to have a chance against the unrelenting hordes of zombies…



Put on your hat, the service is about to begin! Join Chef François' kitchen and cooperate with other cooks to prepare customers' orders, before they lose patience.

Stroll through the many kitchens of Chef François to collect and prepare the ingredients necessary for your preparations. Overcome the challenges of Kitchen Panic! to become a real chef!


Like your customers, you will also have a menu. Not to order dishes, but to choose the restaurants where to perform your services with your kitchen companions!

In this game mode, you are free to choose your favorite cuisines and freely change locations, whether or not you pass the previous level. Explore or replay your favorite story mode levels with complete freedom!


Are the other game modes too easy and/or too short? Are you looking for a challenge worthy of a real chef? Endless mode will put your skills to the test!

Here, the restaurant does not plan to close. Customers will flow continuously and will be more and more numerous! Keep up the pace as long as possible, but beware: 3 failed orders and it's over!


The suggestions of Chef François do not suit you? Season the sauce to your taste and choose a difficulty adapted to your level: easy, medium or difficult.

Select your difficulty and discover a cuisine randomly chosen accordingly. Here, only the bell will mark the end of your service. All mistakes are allowed! Well… Not too much anyway. You have a reputation to uphold!


Want to customize everything from A to Z? Cooking, difficulty and time? That's good, we offer you here to select everything as you wish (apart from, perhaps, your teammates...).

You can choose your favorite cuisine and a suitable level of difficulty, but in addition, as in the classic Arcade mode, only the timer will end your service. You will no longer be impacted by your mistakes… or those of others!

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